Corns & Calluses

The causes of Corn & Calluses


A corn is a localised area of hyperkeratosis (thickening of the skin), which usually occurs over a bony prominence as a result of localised friction between the skin, the bone and footwear.

It has a visible, translucent central core which presses deeply into the skin, causing pain and sometimes inflammation.


When we walk or stand, in order to withstand the pressure, our body weight is carried first on the heel and then the ball of the foot, where the skin is thicker. If the pressure becomes extreme the skin will thicken as a protective response – causing calluses. This can happen anywhere on the foot where the skin is being rubbed, by such things as uncomfortable or ill-fitting shoes, but calluses are most commonly found under the metatarsal heads (ball of foot).

A callus is usually larger than a Corn, does not have a central core; and may or may not be painful.

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