Should I Get A Pedicure or see A Podiatrist?

How healthy are your feet?

In general we do not often look at our feet or even take care of them very well. But as with most cases, prevention is better than cure so we advise that you regularly inspect your feet and if any pain or discomfort occurs you should see a podiatrist.

A visit to a podiatrist can give you an insight into what may be causing the issue. For proper treatment or diagnosis you should always seek the opinion of a specialist. It is therefore advisable to seek advice when experiencing any foot pain or discomfort.

Here are some examples:

  1. Heel Pain or any discomfort
  2. Fungal nail/discolouration of the toenails
  3. Ingrown toenail
  4. Toe pain
  5. Pain in the soles of the foot
  6. Open wounds
  7. Toenail pain or discomfort
  8. Hammer toe
  9. Callouses
  10. Any irritation to the sole of the foot
  11. Experiencing pain when walking or while sleeping
  12. Arthritis
  13. Abnormal swelling or numbness of the toe or finger

Each of these symptoms could be a sign of an underlying cause, which can be treated by a podiatrist or another foot specialist. A podiatrist is specialised in the care and treatment of the foot.

This can be cosmetically or medically. A podiatrist treats various foot and toe complaints and can help to keep your feet healthy.

In addition to treatments, a podiatrist can also give advice or refer you to a physician.

A pedicure can help with the following foot and toe complaints:

  • Taking care of the nails and nail surrounding
  • Removing excessive calluses or other corn types
  • Treatment of fungal nail or ingrown nails
  • Special treatment for people with an increased risk for foot problems such as Diabetes or Rheumatism