Fungal Nail Symptoms

Do you suffer from fungal nail?

Let’s be honest, a fungal nail infection does not look pretty. It usually starts with a discolouration in the corner of the nail and slowly spreads to the nail cuticle. Visible changes to the nail are very easy to recognise. As a result, regularly inspect your feet so you can react to a possible development of a fungal infection quickly.

There are different types of fungal nail, the most common type is the one that starts at the edge of the nail and spreads towards the nail cuticle as mentioned above.

Characteristics of symptoms of a fungal nail infection are:

  • Thickening
  • Discolouration – white, yellow and/or brown
  • Brittleness – nail may break
  • Scaling
  • Deformity of the nail

Who is at risk?

Fungal nail is more common among older adults as they are more likely to have decreased blood circulation and a longer exposure to the fungi. Nails grow slower and thicker as you get older and are more susceptible to a fungal nail infection. Fungal nails are just as common among men as they are with women.

Due to wearing tight shoes and increasing use of public areas such as dressing rooms and saunas, fungal nail infections are amongst the most common foot problem.

These factors can also contribute to the development of a fungal nail:

  • Age – the risk increases with age.
  • Athlete’s foot – 1 in 4 people with athlete’s foot also develop a fungal nail.
  • Bare feet in public spaces – for example swimming pools, public showers and the sauna.
  • Problems with blood circulation – as well as tight fitting shoes and nail injury.
  • Illnesses such as diabetes and psoriasis.
  • Poor hygiene.