Preventing Fungal Nail Infections

Taking good care of your feet is the first, important step for the prevention of fungal nail infections!

  1. Inspect your feet regularly to detect fungal nail infections and pay attention to changes in colour, texture and appearance.
  2. Take care of your feet; wash and dry carefully between the toes.
  3. Hydrate the skin. Hot weather and open shoes can cause damage to the skin, such as chapped skin. It is wise to regularly moisturise to keep the water balance of the skin of the feet stable.
  4. Purchase the right shoe size. The measurements of shoes can differ by shoe brand. It is best to buy the shoes in the afternoon, when the feet are often at their at their widest size. Always choose shoes that are comfortable.
  5. Wear clean socks every day, preferably cotton or woollen. It is important that the socks absorb perspiration (moisture) and keep the skin dry.
  6. Take foot pain seriously! Symptoms that worsen or do not go away with time would be best shown to a podiatrist.
  7. Cut toenails horizontally. Do not cut off corners because this can cause an ingrown nail. Use a file for sharp edges and corners. Prevent biting or tearing the cuticles; this creates additional opportunity for an infection or irritation.
  8. Keep moving. Walking around is a way to keep weight under control and a good way to train the feet.
  9. Change shoes daily. Feet contain sweat glands, the moisture from the glands are absorbed by the shoes. Shoes therefore need to be completely dry when wearing them again. Avoid synthetic fabrics.
  10. Always wear sandals or flip-flops around swimming pools, changing rooms or public areas to protect your feet against fungal infections. Fungi live in warm, humid surroundings.
  11. Protect your feet with sun lotion to prevent sunburn. Even when wearing sandals!
  12. Treat fungal nail infections immediately, the infection can spread to other toes/nails and also cause Athlete’s Foot. In case of an infection, it is advised to wear socks and shoes that are treated with an anti-fungal product.