Fashion Foot Care

A recent survey revealed that one in four women would wear uncomfortable shoes simply because they look good! Whilst no high heels are good for your feet, there are some that are definitely worse than others. High heels tend to throw the bio mechanics of our feet and lower limbs out of balance, and, the higher the heel, the more the foot will rock as you walk which can lead to over-pronation, where the foot rolls inwards.

Stilletto’s are the worst kind of high heel, the narrowness of the heel means you only have a small surface area in contact with the ground for your heel strike, which puts more pressure on your heel as you walk. Pointed toe shoes can also cause problems, such as corns, calluses and blisters.

Woman's feet hurt after wearing fashionable shoes

It’s time for some fashion foot care!

It’s not all bad news, as long as the heel isn’t too high, kitten heels and wedges are perfectly acceptable and you make sure the length and width of the shoe is correct, you shouldn’t cause any lasting damage to your feet. As far as making sure your still standing at the end of the evening, it’s all in the preparation, use the tips below to help your feet cope with a night out in your sexy killer heels!

  • Strengthen your toes and feet by consciously straightening your toes, then wiggle them around
  • For strong ankles, 20 ankle rotations per foot a day, 10 each way
  • While sitting at your desk at work or watching the TV in the evening roll your feet backwards and forwards over a tennis ball, concentrating on using the arch area of your feet
  • Stretch your heels by standing with your back to a wall and your feet shoulder width apart.Take a step forward and bend the front leg, keeping the back leg straight
  •  Increase foot flexibility, stand facing the wall, placing one foot up against the wall, 3-4 inches from the floor. Gently move your knee towards the wall until you feel a slight stretching. Hold for thirty seconds, repeating five times and then do the same with the other foot.
  • Ease the pressure placed on the balls of your feet by using Profoot’s unique Toe Bed which cushion the balls of your feet, providing added padding and comfort for this tender area, whilst relieving the extra pressure put on this area by high heels and excessive dancing!
  • After care! Soothe your feet and improve circulation by placing your feet in a bowl of cold water, lined with marbles. Immerse your feet and roll them gently over the marbles. Then give your feet a good rub and apply a soothing moisturiser and put on some warm socks

Some Profoot products to help with Fashion Footcare: