Micro File

Hard Skin & Callus Remover

Introducing our Profoot Micro File, the ultimate hard skin and callus remover. Featuring a stainless steel microblade, this tool makes easy work of removing tough skin and calluses from both wet and dry skin. The wide head and comfortable handle ensure that you can use the Micro File with maximum comfort and control.

To make life even easier, this amazing tool comes with a dual-purpose cover. Not only does it protect the blade when not in use, but it also collects all the hard skin you remove.

Accept nothing less than the best! Choose the Profoot Micro File for smooth and beautiful feet.

Key Features

  • Smooths skin effortlessly
  • Removes Hard skin
  • Removes calluses
  • innovative Dual purpose cover
  • Use wet or dry

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How to use the Micro File:

  1. Ensure feet are clean
  2. Clip cover on back of the file
  3. Move the Profoot Micro File back and forth over hard skin whilst gently applying pressure
  4. Stop use once hard skin is removed or new skin is seen
  5. Remove cover and dispose of dead skin
  6. Clean file with warm water after use
  7. Clip cover back on the blade side when storing


Keep out of reach of children.

Do not use on irritated, inflamed or infected skin or on open wounds.

If you have diabetes or have poor blood circulation, seek medical advice or chiropodist before using.

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