360 Foot File

Ideal for Calluses

Introducing the Profoot 360 Foot File, now available in Pink and Gold at selected stores and online shops. This foot file has a unique design that gently and effectively removes calluses and hard skin fast.

Unlike traditional foot files, the Profoot 360 is ergonomically shaped to fit comfortably in your hand and its soft interior conforms to the contours of your foot.

This foot file can be used wet or dry, and is designed for use on all areas of the foot. With its easy-to-use and comfortable-to-hold design, the Profoot 360 Foot File is the perfect tool for keeping your feet looking and feeling their best.

Key Features:

  • Can be used wet or dry
  • Easy to use and comfortable to hold
  • For use on all areas of the foot
  • Ergonomic design

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How to use the 360 Foot File:

Ensure feet are clean. Rub foot with the file removing dry, rough, callused skin.


Do not use on irritated, inflamed or infected skin or on open wounds. If you have diabetes or poor circulation, consult a medical professional before using. If pain, numbness or irritation occurs, discontinue use immediately.

Keep out of reach of children.


We recommend cleaning with warm water and leaving to air dry.

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