Knee Pain

What causes Knee Pain?

There are many factors which could be causing your knee pain. We would recommend a visit to your GP for a referral to a physiotherapist to get a correct diagnosis.

However, any musco-skeletal or soft tissue injury to the lower limbs and feet, as well as the hip and back can cause changes in all weight bearing joints, such as the knees and ankles, and therefore be the cause of knee pain.

Similarly, if you regularly participate in high impact sports, such a jogging and aerobics, you will be placing extra strain and pressure on your weight bearing and shock absorbing joints, causing wear and tear to the cartilage and ligaments.

One of the most common knee injuries is Chrondromalacia Patellae, otherwise known as Runners Knee – the main symptoms of this is aching around the knee cap. Runners Knee is usually caused by the disproportionate development of the muscles around the knee which then pulls the knee cap in the wrong direction. The back of the knee cap then starts rubbing against other parts of the knee joint and the ache develops. The good news is this condition often gets better on its own in time, but can persist for years. You can speed up the recovery process by doing a few simple exercises (which your physiotherapist can recommend) to rebalance the muscles around the knee.

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